Superbowl Squares!

What is it???
It's an easy & fun way to enjoy the Superbowl AND raise money for Boosters!

The cost is ONLY $20/square and you could win up to $400!


Here's how you play:
1. Go the the website:  MRHS Boosters Superbowl Squares
2. USER NAME:  mrhs
    PASSSWORD: mustangs

3.  Click on Enter Your Pick ($20 each) and enter contact name as directed.

4.  Pick your selection from the grid.

5.  Click on LINKS in tab in top right corner & click PAY HERE (this will direct you to
the MRHS Square for payment)
Note:  If you do not pay for your selection you will be removed from the grid before it is generated.

6.  Once all the squares have been selected, Numbers 0-9 will be randomly generated across the top and side of the grid.  You will be emailed the completed grid when it is generated.

$200 at the end of the 1st Quarter
$200 at the end of the 2nd Quarter
$200 at the end of the 3rd Quarter
$400 at the Final Score (if the game is tied at end of 4th quarter, "final score" is at end of overtime)

Winners will receive their money in February after all payments have been received.

Questions????  Contact