2020 Senior Scholarships

Application Deadline for 2020 has passed.  Class of 2020-21, check back Fall of 2020
Thank you for your interest in applying for the MRHS Boosters Club Scholarship.  This Senior Scholarship is designed for a MRHS Booster club member who strives for excellence and has “Made a Difference at Marriotts Ridge” through a positive contribution to a school club, organization or sports team.  Two awards in the amount of $2,000 will be awarded to defray the cost of any accredited institution of higher learning to which you have been accepted for the next academic year. The selected students for the awards will be announced in May at the Senior Awards Assembly.
To be considered for this award, you will need to prepare your application per the instructions below and submit your complete application package by the end of the school day on the last Friday in February.  (2/21/20)  Your application materials should be submitted to Ms. Dubbs in the Student Services office, in a sealed 9”x12” envelope marked Booster Scholarship.  
Your application should include the following:
1.  A personal statement which reflects how you have shared your time and talent as a member of a school club, sport, or organization supported by the MRHS Boosters Club.  Tell how you have made a difference or contributed to that group, and how it has enhanced your high school experience.  Your personal statement can be made in a format of your choice: essay, poem, powerpoint presentation, video, poster, song, etc.  Note that your submission should take no longer than 4 minutes to read/view. 
2.  A personal resume including your academic achievements, work experience, community activities, teams, clubs, and other activities, etc.

3.  A letter of recommendation from a non-family member.
The applications for the “Making a DIfference at Marriotts Ridge High School” Booster Club Scholarship will be reviewed by a committee made up of Administration, former Booster Members, and Community Members, and will be evaluated on the following criteria:
1.  The impact on the students, staff, and community of MRHS
2.  The impact on the program/activity/club/team in which involved
3.  Strength of character of the applicant (ie. leadership, initiative, risk-taking, and perseverance)        
4.  The clarity of thought, effort, and creativity in the presentation of the personal statement
Please note that you must have a 2.5 GPA and that you or your family must be a member of the MRHS Boosters Club in order to apply for this award.  To join, click on the Membership tab above.

To download the Scholarship Application Instructions, click HERE

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the MRHS Boosters Scholarship Committee. 
Jen LeBrun - jla6999@yahoo.com

The 2019 Boosters Senior Scholarships were awarded to Elisabeth Degenford and Vinay Parikh.
To read about their impressive accomplishments, CLICK HERE!
Previous Winners Include:
2009: Tyler Dunn                 
2010: Wendy Zhang          
2011: Faith Katsman        
2012:   Alexis Griffith
2013:  Emma Warman
2014 : Christine Shen , Amanda Miller
2015 : Katharine Berdy, Andrew Liu
2016: Justin Jones, Kyle Roop
2017:  David Polefrone, Jennifer Tao 
2018:  Michelle Yu, Emma Meininger
2019:  Elisabeth Degenford, Vinay Parikh