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      MRHS Boosters Letter Head (.docx) - Microsoft Word doc to be used as a MRHS Boosters letter head 2014-2015
    Sponsor Acknowledgement (.docx) - Microsoft Word doc with letterhead and 501c3 declarations

     MRHS Boosters Check Request Form (.doc) - Microsoft Word form for reimbursements

     MRHS Boosters Funding Request Form (pdf) - PDF form for MRHS Boosters funding requests
    Supplemental Funding Request Form (pdf) - Form for MRHS Boosters funding requests after budget has already been approved

     MRHS Boosters Policies & Procedures - MRHS Boosters Policies & Procedures (April '06, Ammended Oct. '08)
    Bylaws - MRHS Boosters Bylaws

     Directory - Officer/Committee Directory (with cell phone numbers)

    Six Year Report - Boosters funding by category from 2010-2016 (as of 2/8/16)

    MRHS Boosters nonprofit Tax Identifer Number (TIN) is 41-2177587

     MD State Tax Exempt Certificate  - PDF file.

    W-9 Form

     Application and Permit for Use of School Facilities - Word doc for Use of Facilities Permit
  • Before submitting this form, contact Gene Brown and reserve the space you need.
  • This form contains the same information as the previous carbonless copy version.
  • Please print this form, fill it out, get appropriate signature(s), and send via HCPSS Pony to Chuck Parvis in Central Office.
  • Interoffice envelopes are available in the mailroom school, and a Pony mail bag is also located in the mail room.
         EXAMPLE Use of School Facilities Form - EXAMPLE Use of School Facilities Form filled out

    Madness 2015...
         Donation Letter (.docx) - 2015 Donation Letter
         Donation Form (.doc) - 2015 Donation Form
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